Things to consider when making a hair color change?

Have you been thinking about making a change in your hair color? 

Are you wondering what tones would compliment your skin? 

Are you intrigued by all the latest hair fashion trends?

An expert consultation will help guide your decision. A stylist that will take the time to listen to you and ask the right questions, will have the foundation to customize the right hair color & style for you. Lifestyle, home hair care habits, how often you visit the salon and what struggles you have with your hair are extremely important factors to consider when creating a style for a client.    

Many other factors come into play when getting the result you desire.  Hair condition, natural hair color and texture are just a few. Honest recommendations of what is possible and what the maintenance will be are imperative to a healthy, successful result. 

An dedicated, expert stylist has the tools to create any look if it will work for you.  A devoted stylist wants to teach you how to LOVE your hair everyday! 

Visit Roots for your personal consultation. 

Open everyday!


*Image above:

Hair Color Transformation by Amanda DiGregorio

Redken Certified Colorist of Roots

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