COVID 19 Temporary Closure Check-in

Just a little checkin, to send some love and healing vibes to all of our guests, their families and our community. We are surely missing everyone and it looks like it will be a bit longer until we are able to re-open the doors to our salon. As soon as we know when that day will be, we will announce it with great enthusiasm. It has ben wonderful that through social media, we can still connect with you. If you have not already, please click on the links below, follow us and say hello! We would love to hear from you!To keep communications manageable for our team, we will not be responding to voicemails at this time. We have also disabled our online booking in order to manage scheduling. We will enable our online booking as soon as we are more sure of that date.If you would like to get in touch with us, you can send us an email or reachout on Facebook or Instagram. This time surely has been surreal with an array of emotions as we navigate through this challenging time. We are appreciative of a new found opportunity to be with our loved ones and learn some new coping strategies. As a leader I am sharing as many resources with my team, to help guide them through. It will remain my goal to keep the health, well being and safety of my team and our guests as priority over providing hair services. The day we temporarily closed, we committed, to stand strong on our team values and stay engaged to encourage each other, our guests and plan for our Grand Re-opening. We are grateful for all of the support, checkins and eagerness for that day to come and of course some very anticipated hair repair! For all of us, we will not do our roots until we can do yours!We are also grateful that so many of our favorite Redken and Pureology Artists from across the world, have offered lots and lots of educational resources. We are using part of our time at home to keep expanding our skills and stay inspired so when we return we will service our guests with excellence.Mostly we miss our wonderful conversations, sharing our lives, experiences and caring for you. We wish you calm, peace, hope and health throughout and will be eager to see you soon! Our warmest regards, The Roots Hair Devotion Team.

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