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COVID 19 Temporary Closure Check-in

Just a little checkin, to send some love and healing vibes to all of our guests, their families and our community. We are surely missing everyone and it looks like it will be a bit longer until we are able to re-open the doors to our salon. As soon as we know when that day will be, we will announce it with great enthusiasm. It has ben wonderful that through social media, we can still connect with you. If you have not already, please click on the links below, follow us and say hello! We would love to hear from you!To keep communications manageable for our team, we will not be responding to voicemails at this time. We have also disabled our online booking in order to manage scheduling. We will enable our online booking as soon as we are more sure of that date.If you would like to get in touch with us, you can send us an email or reachout on Facebook or Instagram. This time surely has been surreal with an array of emotions as we navigate through this challenging time. We are appreciative of a new found opportunity to be with our loved ones and learn some new coping strategies. As a leader I am sharing as many resources with my team, to help guide them through. It will remain my goal to keep the health, well being and safety of my team and our guests as priority over providing hair services. The day we temporarily closed, we committed, to stand strong on our team values and stay engaged to encourage each other, our guests and plan for our Grand Re-opening. We are grateful for all of the support, checkins and eagerness for that day to come and of course some very anticipated hair repair! For all of us, we will not do our roots until we can do yours!We are also grateful that so many of our favorite Redken and Pureology Artists from across the world, have offered lots and lots of educational resources. We are using part of our time at home to keep expanding our skills and stay inspired so when we return we will service our guests with excellence.Mostly we miss our wonderful conversations, sharing our lives, experiences and caring for you. We wish you calm, peace, hope and health throughout and will be eager to see you soon! Our warmest regards, The Roots Hair Devotion Team.

the one service every color addict needs to know about

Despite what you may think, being a haircolor chameleon doesn’t mean you have to live with dry, damaged hair. In fact, there is one hair bonding service that every color addict needs to know about if they’re looking to help maintain their hair health: pH-Bonder.



In order to color your strands, your stylist has to lighten your hair to deposit the haircolor. Each time hair is bleached, the bonds that support the hair strand can weaken.


If the hair isn’t protected during chemical services such as lightening, the strands can become brittle, dry, or even break off. While there are several ways to help restore the look of damaged hair, your stylist can also help you protect the hair from this damage.


In order to protect your hair from this type of damage, you need to ensure that your hair is protected during any type of lightening service. This is where pH-Bonder comes into play.
pH-Bonder is a two-step system used in the salon that works to protect the integrity of the hair’s bonds during professional technical services.




This solution ultimately works to help protect against hair breakage, while also helping to maintain hair’s strength, elasticity, smoothness, and shine. pH-Bonder has the power to do all of this while protecting your hair’s bonds.


Don’t know what hair bonds are? Basically, they’re tiny mechanisms that act as your hair’s internal support structure. They are the components that help to keep hair strong and intact. When pH-Bonder is used during your coloring service, it acts as a shield to help ward off any potential damage.
Also, the product won’t increase your processing time, so you don’t even have to spend more time in the salon. How cool is that?



pH-Bonder is the bodyguard that your hair needs to help keep breakage at bay. As Redken Education Development Manager, Siddeeqah Raoof puts it, pH-Bonder is the agent that’s going to help to keep your hair in a safer place. “pH-Bonder acts as a buffering agent to help prevent damage from happening. So, that additive is going into the cuticle of the hair to help prevent that oxidative stress from occurring,” states Raoof.

As any color chameleon can tell you, dealing with damaged hair can be a nightmare. By using pH-Bonder, your stylist can help to ensure that your hair rests easy. Wondering how pH-Bonder can affect your hair? Chat with your Roots Hair Devotion Redken Colorist to learn more about bond-protecting service and how it can improve the strength of your hair.


Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair…


Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, workout or pull back with clips or a ponytail! You’ll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair.

Works on all hair types and lasts up to 5 months on average.

Results last as long as or longer than any formaldehyde systems on the market, but without the harmful chemicals.

It is a formaldehyde-free, next generation smoothing system that uses the latest advances in science, along with only the finest ingredients, to create a product that delivers the results of a traditional keratin smoothing treatment without the harmful chemicals.

ultimate blonde

Cezanne Ultimate Blonding Keratin Treatment

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Long Lasting Keratin Smoothing Treatment – for ultimate smoothing and toning in one! The Perfect Match! The smoothing you expect from the Cezanne Classic Treatment with the added benefit of reducing unwanted brassy tones for the ultimate silky, shiny, dazzling blonde.


Cezanne Express Keratin Treatment

Works on all hair types and lasts up to 6 weeks on average.
Experience smoother, straighter, more manageable and frizz-free hair quickly, easily and inexpensively without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients and at a lower cost than traditional keratin treatments.

Using Cezanne Express with every color visit improves the health and appearance of the hair by infusing a rich proprietary blend of keratin, aloe, botanical extracts, vitamins and soybean oil.
Cezanne Express, a safe alternative that is quick, easy and a fraction of the cost of a full keratin treatment.


Our Certified Hair Talk Extension Specialists can transform your hair!




George Garcia Coming February 6 to Roots! In Salon Inspiraton

A mixture of creativity, technical skill, and 20 years of extensive color and product knowledge – George Garcia is one of Redken’s most sought after artists.

His work can be seen in both national and international publications such as Hairdresser Journal, Modern Salon, and American Salon. George was also voted one of the top ten colorists in the United States by Celebrity Styles 101 Magazine. He has played an intricate part in many of Redken’s major projects which include The Amazing Color DVD, International Symposium, and also represented the US in Redken’s first ever International collection, Redken Creates.

His unique eye for fashion and his amazing finishing skills have earned him a frequent spot in New York and Los Angeles’ Fashion Week, working for designer lines such as Betsey Johnson, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Cynthia Rowley.

For the last ten years he has touched the lives of many salon professionals with his cutting edge approach to hair color at the award winning academy, The Redken Exchange in NYC. His passion and love for the industry and hairdressers worldwide, is what sets him apart from any other educator.

Things to consider when making a hair color change?

Have you been thinking about making a change in your hair color? 

Are you wondering what tones would compliment your skin? 

Are you intrigued by all the latest hair fashion trends?

An expert consultation will help guide your decision. A stylist that will take the time to listen to you and ask the right questions, will have the foundation to customize the right hair color & style for you. Lifestyle, home hair care habits, how often you visit the salon and what struggles you have with your hair are extremely important factors to consider when creating a style for a client.    

Many other factors come into play when getting the result you desire.  Hair condition, natural hair color and texture are just a few. Honest recommendations of what is possible and what the maintenance will be are imperative to a healthy, successful result. 

An dedicated, expert stylist has the tools to create any look if it will work for you.  A devoted stylist wants to teach you how to LOVE your hair everyday! 

Visit Roots for your personal consultation. 

Open everyday!


*Image above:

Hair Color Transformation by Amanda DiGregorio

Redken Certified Colorist of Roots

Hair Extensions

Imagine any hair length in about an hour. Beautiful custom colors to add length or create that volume you’ve always wanted. 

 We use premium-quality, 100% human Remy hair. These luxurious extensions can be applied to natural hair in less than one hour. The results are customized, seamless, and comfortable that blend flawlessly and invisibly with your natural hair. Call today to schedule your free consultation


Fundraiser February 2015- Abel Family Affair

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser for The Abel Family. We are so grateful and we are thrilled to have raised $2200 for the family.

Thank you, to The amazing Team at Roots for your services and baking skills, The Wage Grade band for rockin the house, Fins Tropicale, Tenth Ave Burrito, The Brick House, Farrells’ Steak House and Kathy Cunningham for your gift auction donations!

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